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Experimental VM is a virtual machine hybrid site that is extremely similar to Collab VM, but has several differences.

Differences between Collab VM and Experimental VM[edit]

  • Experimental VM tends to run older, more insecure and outdated operating systems such as Windows XP or Windows 2000 while Collab VM only runs one (Windows 7), although it's been known to run modern operating systems like Windows 10 or Debian 8 occasionally.
  • Sometimes Experimental VM has a specific goal - like getting a fully useful server running, pumping it full of the most amount of malware possible, getting a fully usable and worthwhile Linux environment up, or something along those lines
  • Experimental VM is used to test new features of Collab VM
  • Experimental VM uses a dark theme (available on Collab VM as "Experimental") that's not changeable
  • Experimental VM is hosted locally from a laptop instead of a enterprise server unlike Collab VM so it's not up 24/7.
  • Experimental VM is faster than Collab VM.
  • Experimental VM keeps the CD in the tray allowing for a re-installation in the event of a screw-up